“Better Lawns and Gardens” is a natural when it comes to Florida. Winner of the AT&T National Communications Award as the best lawn and garden program in the country! Each Saturday morning from 7 to 9 AM, author and Orange County Horticulturist and Extension Agent Emeritus Tom MacCubbin takes calls from all over the state about plant health and maintenance. Tom’s popular book “Florida Home Grown” is the gardening staple in the Sunshine State. In addition, he’s the gardening columnist for the “Orlando Sentinel.” This is a live two-hour show with excellent local sales potential.

Better Lawns & Gardens Format

“Florida Roundtable” is a weekly one-hour, in-depth discussion of state and national issues affecting Florida. The show is hosted by FNN Public Affairs Director Reagan Smith and Al Spry. The show, done in the style of “Meet the Press” or “Face the Nation,” is fed on Fridays and can be delayed to fit your station’s needs. Weekly guests include a virtual “Who’s Who” in the Sunshine State.

Florida Roundtable Format

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