FNN Radio News

FNN provides live hourly newscasts and news resources to radio affiliates across the Sunshine State. Newscasts, sportscasts, and business newscasts are aired by a variety of stations with different formats.  Each cast is accompanied by two 30 second advertisements (or one 60 second advertisement).  Even when stations are unable to air the cast, they are still required to air the commercials.

FNN sportscasts air three times each day with 60 second commercial availability.

FNN has news staffers in many locations throughout Florida.  Our main newsroom is located in Maitland - just outside of Orlando. FNN also maintains a capitol news bureau in Tallahassee with 30 year veteran reporter Rick Flagg as bureau chief.  Other contributing newsrooms are located in Tampa, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

In the event of a hurricane threat, FNN produces hourly special reports 24 hours a day until "hurricane warnings" are discontinued along the Florida coastline.  These reports are carried by stations in the path of the storm and contain a 30 second commercial announcement.

Veteran space reporter Alan MacBride provides live coverage of Space Shuttle launches and landings aired on stations throughout the state.  MacBride has reported on the space program since 1988 and is a well known expert on the Space Shuttle.

FNN provides full election coverage of statewide and national races from the primaries through the general election.  Election night reports begin shortly after the polls close in the eastern time zone, and continue until the results are all in.  Each hourly report contains a 30 second commercial announcement.

For more information contact sales@fnnonline.net or call (888)407-4376.

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