FNN XDS Receiver Information
All satellite services are on SES-11 at 105 degrees west

(Updated January, 2020)

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Logging into the Receiver

Go to http://myxdsreceiver.fnnonline.net. Enter your receiver serial number and your password. If you have lost or forgotten either one or both of these do this:

From the front panel of the receiver:

1. Press "Set" repeatedly until you see the word "status".
2. Right arrow until you see the word "setup", press "Set". Your serial number will be displayed.
3. If you lost/forgot your password press the "3" key. A password, good for 24 hours, will appear. Use this to log into the site, and then follow the prompts to set a permanent password for future use.

NOTE: If the 24 hour password does not work, please ensure that you have logged into the correct URL: http://myxdsreceiver.fnnonline.net and you're not using an old bookmark. The URL for the receiver website changed in June, 2015.

ALSO NOTE: If you login to the receiver and the only programming choice you see is "Test Channel" please ensure that you have logged into the correct URL: http://myxdsreceiver.fnnonline.net and you're not using an old bookmark. The URL for the receiver website changed in June, 2015.

Programming the Receiver

Depending upon the program, monaural audio may appear on either the left or right audio channel or both of the port being used. In all of our systems, the indication "L or R" next to a program name indicates that either the left or right audio channel is to be used.  In those cases using both audio channels is not necessary or recommended.  The remaining programming will appear on the left channel only or the right channel only in mono.

Station receivers are specifically authorized for programs and channels.  If you are contracted to receive a program or channel and you do not see it listed in the "Programming and Scheduling" section of your receiver (see instructions below) then email help@fnnonline.net or call (888)407-4376 option 2 during regular business hours for assistance.


News Network:

The FNN news network elements may be individually scheduled to run live or delayed out of audio port A.  Due to the time sensitive nature of this content we do not recommend delaying any news element  for more than 60 minutes.

The news network elements include:

  • "FNN TOH (L or R)" (hourly from 6:00 AM-6:00PM ET M-S, 3 min)
  • "FNN News (L or R)"  (hourly from 6:30AM-6:30PM ET M-S, 3 min)
  • "FNN Minute (L or R)" (hourly from 6:25AM-6:25PM ET M-S, 1 min)
  • "FNN NBC Minute (L or R)" (hourly from 6:27AM-6:27PM ET M-S, 1 min)
  • "FNN Sports #1 (L or R)" (7:10AM ET, M-S, 3 min)
  • "FNN Sports #2 (L or R)" (8:10AM ET, M-S, 3min)
  • "FNN Sports #3 (L or R)" (4:06PM ET, M-F, 3 min)
  • "FNN Business #1 (L or R)" (7:06AM ET, M-F, 2 min)
  • "FNN Business #2 (L or R)" (8:06AM ET, M-F, 2 min)
  • "FNN Business #3 (L or R)" (12:06PM ET, M-F, 2 min)
  • 1"FNN News Alert (L or R)" (:15 past each hour 24/7 M-S, 1 min)
  • 2"FNN Noticias 24-7 (L or R)" (hourly 6:20AM-6:20PM ET M-F, 2 1/2 min)

1. News Alerts are activated for breaking news events such as hurricanes and election coverage. Election coverage runs 7:15PM-11:45PM ET on election nights. Notification is sent via email. Contact help@fnnonline.net to be sure you are on the mailing list.

2. FNN Noticias 24-7 newscasts available to Spanish language stations under a separate contract.  Contact AntonioUrbiola2@iheartmedia.com.


To program your receiver for the above news elements:

FNN News, FNN Sports, Florida Business News, FNN Special Reports, FNN Election Returns: 

  • Log into the affiliate website (http://myxdsreceiver.fnnonline.net).
  • Go to "Programming and Scheduling" and choose Port A of your receiver.
  • Click the "Program List" tab
  • From the "Please select a program to view its network feeds and scheduled show times" dropdown box choose the program you wish to air. Click OK
  • You will be sent to a page that lists all the feeds of the program you selected. You can add them one at a time by clicking the "Create a new station schedule using this feed...", or add them all as live broadcasts by clicking the "add all..." link in the upper left. If you add them one at a time you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to schedule the program live, or delay it to play at a later time.
  • The "add all" option referenced above prompts you to set the program's priority. This simply determines which program will play in the event of a schedule conflict.
  • If the receiver detects a schedule conflict while you are creating a one-at-a-time schedule it will ask you to prioritize the program through a drag-n-drop method.
  • Click the "Commit Schedule to Receiver" button. Note this may take up to an hour (but usually less) to update the receiver.
  • From the port connector on the back of the receiver, audio from the News Network will appear on both left and right channels (in mono).  Take either left or right (taking both simultaneously is not necessary nor advised).
  • Under "Relay Mappings" determine which DB37M relay connector and pins (on the back of the receiver) you wish to use and, to those relays, map "FNN0101" for *start, "FNN0111" for triggering the next event at the FNN Newscast cutaway at the 2:00 point (only applies to FNN newscasts), "FNN0102" for triggering your next event at the FNN Newscast cutway at the 3:00 point (only applies to the FNN Newscasts), or "FNN0103" for triggering your next event after the element completes.

To program your receiver for the BUCS Network:

  • Log into the affiliate website (http://myxdsreceiver.fnnonline.net).
  • Go to "Programming and Scheduling" and choose the receiver and port you wish to use and click OK.
  •  Click the "Program List" tab
  • From the "Please select a program to view its network feeds and scheduled show times" dropdown box choose "FNN 3L & 3R". Click OK.  Note: if you do not see the "FNN 3R.." program, your receiver may not be authorized to allow use of this program on the port you selected. Please try a different port or contact us via email or via telephone during normal business hours to change the authorization.  (888)407-4376.
  • Click the "add all" link in the upper left
  • From the "Add All Program Feeds" dialog box, choose the option that best fits.  If you are using the port for other feeds and you want those feeds to take priority over the Bucs Network then choose "Add new schedules with lowest priority".  Otherwise choose  "Add new schedules with highest priority". When done click the "Commit Schedule to Receiver" button at the bottom of the page.
  • From the port connector on the back of the receiver, audio from the Bucs Network will appear You will take audio ONLY from the right audio channel.
  • Under "Relay Mappings" determine which DB37M relay connector and pins (on the back of the receiver) you wish to use and map "FNN0119" for local commercial, "FNN0120" for station ID, and "FNN0121" for end of broadcast.

Note that all sports distribution is done in "dual mono". Bucs programming is right audio channel of the port.  Do not use left and right audio channels simultaneously.



For the easiest and most reliable use, we recommend dedicating port A to the news network elements, and then ports B, C, & D to sports distribution.  If you take multiple sports products, and can wire out all four audio ports, then we recommend scheduling "FNN 1R..." on port B 24/7, "FNN 2L & 2R..." to port C 24/7, and "FNN 3L & 3R..." to port D 24/7. Ports C & D, in this configuration, must have left and right audio channels wired independently to separate inputs/POTS/audio switcher inputs. In this configuration it then becomes a simple matter of accessing the proper audio channel at the proper time for the sports product you are airing.

News network elements, "Florida Roundtable, "Florida Exclusivo", and Noticias 24/7 elements are output out of BOTH left and right. "Better Lawns & Gardens" is output on the RIGHT channel only.


Important Notes:

  • Note that when you change programming in the receiver, you should always click "Commit Schedule to Receiver" and then click "Configuration", check the box next to "Steer my audio ports to match my program schedule", and click the "update" button.  This will send your changes to your receiver at the top of the next hour.
  • When your receiver is authorized, all programming will be authorized to all ports except the news network which will be authorized to port A only.






Q. When I log into my receiver the only programming choice I have is "Test Channel".

A. Please be sure you are logging into http://myxdsreceiver.fnnonline.net and not using an old bookmark. The URL for the receiver website changed in June, 2015.

Q. What will I need to do when I get the new XDS Receiver?

A. You will need to scan and email back the authorization letter so that we may properly authorize your receiver from the head-end before you can start scheduling programs.

A "Quick Start Guide" will be included with the new unit. In the guide, ignore all references to "StarGuide" receivers and the "Pro4-SG".  The receiver you will have is a "Pro4" model.  You will need to have the receiver physically installed in the rack by your engineer with connections for audio, closures (where applicable), data (where applicable), RF, internet, and power. 

You will then need to set up the receiver and schedule the programs you will be taking and choose the ports/pins for audio output and contact closures.


Q. The logo on the front of the receiver says "Premiere Networks". Can I start using this unit for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity?

A. Unfortunately no. There's a long, involved explanation that would put you into a coma so we'll leave that out of this FAQ. If you really want to argue the point, call us, but it won't change the answer.


Q. Who is buying the receiver?


If you are an affiliate of: The the receiver will be purchased by: 
Better Lawns & Gardens FNN
Florida Roundtable/Florida Exclusivo FNN


Q.  What is the "XDS Receiver Discovery Tool"?

A. This is a Windows PC utility that you can install on a computer that, when run, will "discover" any XDS receivers on your local network and allow you to log into them directly for administration (as opposed to going through the affiliate website interface).  NOTE: This utility requires .NET framework version 3.5 or above.  The XDS receiver and the PC running this utility must be on the same side of your computer network's firewall. For more information on the tool click here.


Q. How can I get my hands on the "Quick Start Guide" or manual ahead of time so I can prepare for the installation?

A.  Click here for the "Quick Start Guide".  Click here for the manual.


Q. What capabilities does the system have?

A. The XDS satellite system has, what is known in the industry as, "store & forward" capabilities.  The receiver has a flash drive installed that will store audio.  This will allow you to delay broadcast most programs fed on the network without the need for external recording systems.

The receiver has 4 audio "ports".  Audio on these ports is determined by how you program the receiver. 

Before using the receiver you will need to configure the audio ports for the programs you wish to take.  Instructions will be included as to how to do this.  You will also need to program any automation closures (now referred to as "Net Cues") you wish to use. Neither audio nor closures will work until you send back the authorization letter and then configure the receiver.  See a list of available net cues here.


Q. What will I need to have in order to use these extra features.

A. You will need to have a internet/LAN connection (ethernet) for the receiver in order to administrate the record and playback functions of the unit.  The internet connection also helps us (the network) diagnose the health of your receiver.


Q. I have an XDS receiver that I use for Premiere and/or Citadel.  Can I use it to pick up FNN?

A. Unfortunately no.  Each receiver is authorized specifically for a certain satellite carrier and there is no crossover between Premiere, Westwood One, and FNN. You can, however, continue to use the same coaxial feed from the satellite antenna's LNB that feeds your Premiere and/or Westwood One XDS receivers for the FNN XDS receiver. You can also use the same receiver website (http://myxdsreceiver.premiereradio.com) for your Premiere and FNN receiver since it is the same exact website. Westwood One has a separate site for their receivers.


Q. Is this going to cost me anything?

A. FNN is footing the bill for the receiver.  It is the station's responsibility to install the unit.   If you contract for engineering services please arrange for your engineer to install the unit on his or her first scheduled visit following receipt of the receiver. This should avoid any additional cost to you. FNN is not responsible for the physical installation of the receiver.


Q. How much space does the receiver utilize?

A. The XDS receiver takes up two rack spaces. 


Q. How do I hook up the audio to the new receiver.

A. Wiring instructions are included with the new XDS receiver and are also posted as part of the "Quick Start Guide".  Audio pin outs are described on page 5. 

Left and right audio channels are always used independently in a "dual mono" configuration.


Q. How do I hook up and program contact closures?

A. The XDS closures appear on a male 37 pin D-Sub connector on the back of the unit.  Wiring instructions will be included with the unit.  We will also include a Broadcast Tools COA-37 XDS Adapter that will break out the 37 pin Relay A connector to four, eight position removable screw terminals for connection to the 16 normally open dry relay contacts. NOTE: The XDS receiver, by default, will not be programmed to fire closures.  You will need to follow the instructions to properly "map" any contact closures to the desired pins before the relays will work. For a complete list of current network cues that can be mapped to contact relays click here.


Q. When we plugged in the receiver, the wrong call letters appeared on the display.

A. Please let us know if this happens.  It won't affect the operation of the receiver, however it will help us keep our records straight and prevent issues later on.

---- ----

Q. This FAQ sucks! I still need help installing or configuring the receiver. What do I do?

A. If this FAQ does not address something with which you need assistance, please contact us via one of the following methods:

via email:  
Florida News Network help help@fnnonline.net

via phone:  
Florida News Network (business hours) (888)407-4376
Premiere Network Operations NOC (24/7) (818)461-5409

Please provide your call letters and receiver serial number when emailing or calling.