"Better Lawns & Gardens"

For 17 years, "Better Lawns & Gardens" has been Florida's premiere gardening talk show, hosted by the state's most famous horticulturalist.  Tom MacCubbin, Extension Agent Emeritus with the University of Florida and Orange County, takes questions from all across the Sunshine State regarding topics ranging from regular lawn maintenance to the care of exotic and unusual plants in Florida gardens.

Advertisers get the benefit of commercial announcement exposure on 20 stations plus optional Premium Partner product endorsements from the garden doctor himself.  There are also tie-in advertising opportunities to our website.

For more information contact or call (888)407-4376.

Downloads: Better Lawns & Gardens One Sheet | Better Lawns & Gardens Station List  

"Florida Roundtable"

For an expanded look at the news affecting Floridians, listeners across the state tune in weekly to Reagan Smith and Al Spry as they host "Florida Roundtable".  Full coverage of election year politics as well as general news events is covered in depth.  "Florida Roundtable" is an excellent show to help meet your public affairs commitments.  We even provide monthly reports for your public file!

Advertisers have the opportunity to reach the audiences of more than 60 radio affiliates that air the program each week.

For more information contact or call (888)407-4376.

Downloads: Florida Roundtable One Sheet | Florida Roundtable Station List